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Come by our centre to learn more about our services and meet our equine partners

Our Herd of Incredible Ponies & Horses

At Enfants en Équi-Libre each of the horses that make up our team of equine partners has been specially selected for their temperament (calm, curious, and patient), and their conformation (size, shape and quality of movement).


When the decision is made to add a horse to our team we are often looking for them to have specific skills and attributes in order to maintain a well-rounded herd for the benefit of all of our riders. It is extremely rare to find such a horse as a donation, instead they typically cost between $2,000 to $5,000. 

Additionally, the cost of maintaining the nutritional, physical, and medical needs of these animals is in the thousands of dollars per year. Before you meet our team listed below, read about how you can help support our herd!



Our centre offers local businesses and philanthropic individuals in our community the opportunity to sponsor one of our therapy horses for the year.


Sponsorship of a therapy horse will help cover the numerous costs associated with their upkeep including feed (hay and grain), farrier fees (hoof trim every 4-6 weeks), vaccines and de-worming twice annually, and much more.

Ask us about our different sponsorship opportunities! 



Half leasing is an opportunity offered to intermediate riders who are looking for a riding commitment of 2-3 times a week on a safe and reliable horse. 

Half leasing gives riders an opportunity to ride a safe horse while contributing financially to our centre and the services we provide to the community.

The cost of half leasing a therapy horse is dependent on the frequency of rides per week and experience level of the horse and rider.

Exercise & Training


Exercise riding and training is reserved for advanced riders who wish to donate their time and expertise riding the therapy horses and ponies that make up our herd.

Riders are asked to work on specific objectives that have been determined by our staff such as straightness, balance, cardio, transitions, etc.

Sometimes these exercise rides are for the pure enjoyment of our hard-working horses and with the trails right off our property, what better way to relax!



Marilou was donated to our program by a very generous and well-known horse woman in our community. Jocelyne thought she would be a good fit for us, and she was right!

Although Marilou is blind in one eye, her disability doesn't affect her quality of life or the important work she is doing with the kids in our program. Behind her calm and gentle appearance is a highly intelligent pony overflowing with affection.

Petite Fleur

Young or old, Petite Fleur loves to please her rider! She happily works in every program we offer at our centre, making her one of the most flexible horses in our herd.

Her excellent form and eternally youthful spirit will never betray her age! Despite her young appearance, Petite Fleur is a senior horse gracefully navigating her early twenties.


Poppy spent much of her life working as a school pony at a hunter/jumper barn in our area. When it came time for her to start a new career her previous owner thought she might excel as a therapy pony, and she did!

Poppy has a strong character and is the boss of the four other ponies that live with her, however, with the young riders at our center she is patient and sweet.


Coco is affectionately nicknamed our Big Girl as she is one of the largest horses on the team and happily partners with our heavier or older riders in the program.

Lately, Coco has been giving lessons to several parents who wish to learn how to ride alongside their child receiving equine assisted occupational therapy or participating in our therapeutic riding program.


Jorge came to us on loan from our Para-Dressage coach, Kendra, when we desperately needed another horse to meet the needs of our growing clientele. 

Jorge is an older gentleman who spent many years working as a therapy horse in Toronto before retiring in Montreal with Kendra. He is an old pro who can do his job with his eyes closed. Bonus, he's super cute!


Aura is a cross between a Quarter Horse and Arabian horse breeds. Her mix gave us a small sturdy horse with a bit of an attitude! She works hard for her riders, always giving her best in the therapeutic riding and English riding programs.

Aura's riders would surely tell you about the never-ending challenge of grooming a Grey (meaning mostly white horse), but she makes up for it in her lessons!


Poncho is our very own class clown. He is a sweet horse with a big heart but keep your eye on him because he's likely scheming to play a trick on you!

Poncho has the skills to work in all the programs at our centre, but he excels in our equine assisted learning program. He has extensive training in a natural horsemanship division called Parelli, and he has a lot to teach his riders.


Phoenix is yet another generous donation to our center. Standing 15'2 hands high (62 inches) he is the tallest horse on our team.


This gentle giant loves to be groomed and is always happy to work. He excels in the classical riding and para-dressage programs due to his training background. When he isn't working, you can find him outside hanging out with his best friend Jorge!

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